02   11
In today's episode of RUN IT UP!, Jason returns from his vacation to play a cash game, a $7.77 SNG, and tells a story about his great-great-grandmother "JCarvia": ... read more
  01   29
In today's episode of RUN IT UP!, Jason plays a $.50/$1.00 cash game and talks about hosting Karate birthday parties. ... read more
  01   27
In today's episode of RUN IT UP!, Jason enters the $100 Sunday multi-table tournament on Ultimate Poker, as streamed on Twitch TV. ... read more
  01   23
In today's episode of RUN IT UP!, Jason plays a $.50/$1.00 cash game and breaks down why he might not want to go to a tournament in Florida. ... read more
  01   23
Here's the video of Jason's stream from earlier this week. If you want to watch Jason stream live, be sure to subscribe to his channel at Twitch TV! ... read more

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Once upon a time, I won a few "tournaments on the internet". In what would forever be remarked upon as my crowning glory, I finished 2nd in the first annual Peggle tournament, losing to my archnemesis, the one and only Jake Balsiger. I have managed to execute a 1st-2nd-3rd-4th-5th rundown of finishes at the World Series of Poker, a record substantially less impressive than my 26 year streak of consecutive sessions eating plain food and water. I once had the great honor of playing 'Night Lies' and 'Hungry Like the Wolf' with PumpyTudors.

In the slightly paraphrased yet still somehow unforgettable words of Leo Wolpert, "I used to think I was a college student with a gambling problem, until one day, I realized I was a gambler with a college problem".  I left school to follow my desire to play poker professionally seven years ago.  In that time, I've been lucky enough to meet some awesome people and have many great experiences while pursuing my poker dreams.   I'm excited to be sharing all of those future adventures with people here on this site.  

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